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Lakulisa Temple

The Lakulisa Temple was erected on a peninsula protruding in to the Chasia talao. Dedication of the temple is identified with the central deity on the lintel of its entrance. It comprises of garbhagriha, antarala, mandpa and an entrance porch as horizontal components. But only parts of the superstructures have survived. The surviving structural remains of this fine temple are its base with heavy mouldings, the jangha despicted with fine sculptures and partial superstructures. The Jangha have pilasters with beautiful figures of divine beings,among which the figures of Brahma, Vishnu,Kalyanasundara Murti,Dakshina Murti,Gajendra Moksh,Indra,seated Ambika,Surasundaris etc.are noteworthy. Eight beautifully carved pillars of the mandapa have Kichak(load bearers)as their capital,supporting the octagonal frame of the hemispherical ceiling.The lintel of the mandapa entrance has an image of Lakulisa,which is unique.

Lakulisa was an ardent devotee of Siva.He lived in the second century A.D.and was an inhabitant of Karwan(ancient Kayavrohana)in Vadodara district of Gujarat.He was associated with the development of Pasupata cult of Saivas.